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Is it Time to Install a New Boiler?

Getting a new boiler is a big decision, so you need to make sure it is the right choice for you and your home. There are a lot of warning signs to look out for that suggest you may need a new boiler, so we have created a simple guide to help you decide!

1. Is your boiler over 10 years old?

If you have had your boiler for over a decade, it is about time you treated your home to an upgrade. The new boiler technology will make a big difference to your home, as it will be much smaller and will run more quietly!

2. Is your boiler below A-Rated for efficiency?

If your boiler is lower than A-Rated for efficiency, you should definitely switch to a newer model. As your energy bills decrease, your new boiler will begin to pay for itself in savings!

3. Does your boiler regularly break down?

If you constantly find your boiler is in need of a repair, or it seems to be broken more often than not- then it is time you upgraded to a newer model. This will work out much cheaper in the long run that having to constantly pay for repairs, and it will give you peace of mind in knowing you won't need to splash out again for a few years at least.

4. Is your boiler flame yellow?

Ideally, your boiler should burn with a blue flame. If your boiler flame appears yellow, then you should consider upgrading as soon as possible. This indicates an issue with your gas supply, which poses a potential danger to you and your family.

5. Does your boiler smell?

If your boiler smells, you should get this checked out as soon as possible, and consider upgrading too. While carbon monoxide is an odourless gas, it is often mixed with sulphur, to allow it to be detected more easily. Sulphur usually has an eggy smell, so this is what you should be aware of.

Need a new boiler in Streetly?

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