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What Size Boiler Should I Install

When you get a new boiler, one question you need to consider is which size is right for your home. This is important, as choosing the wrong size can create several issues in the many years you will have your boiler. To help you decide the right option, keep reading this post.

Boiler size can depend on the type of boiler...

When looking for a boiler, you need to choose the right type for your home. The ain boiler types include combi, system and conventional and each has different pros and cons to consider. If you have already made this choice, you can begin to think about the size. If you opt for a system or conventional boiler, the size will be based on your hot water requirements. However, if you choose a combi boiler, it will be a bigger size due to the difference in how it operates.

...And your hot water needs

It is important you choose a boiler that is big enough, so it can meet your hot water needs- but not so big that you find yourself wasting money on extra energy that you do not need. Boiler size is measured in kilowatts, rather than in dimensions, which is something to be aware of when looking for a boiler.

Average boiler size is around 24-30 kW, which is great for a home with three or four bedrooms. A home this size will usually have around 10 radiators, which is an average amount- requiring an average boiler.

If you live in a flat or small home, you will usually be fine going for the smallest boiler available to you. This will meet your heating needs, while not costing you more money than necessary.

If you have a large home with an en-suite or closer to 20 radiators, you will need a large boiler of around 35-42 kW. This will ensure your boiler can meet all of your home heating needs.

Need a new boiler in Great Barr?

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