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How to Keep Your Boiler in Good Condition During the Winter Months

During the winter, it is common for boiler issues to occur, as it is working the hardest and it is likely to be in use all of the time. To reduce the risk of boiler breakdowns, we have created a guide with a few simple steps to follow to keep everything running as it should. Boiler breakdowns will soon be a thing of the past!

Lag your pipes

To keep your outdoor pipes flowing all year round, they should be suitably lagged. Pipe lagging can be brought for a few pounds and is available in any DIY shop. All it takes is a few minutes to slip it on your pipes, but you are protected from frozen or burst pipes for years to come. Pipe lagging comes ready-made, so it couldn't be easier to protect your pipes.

Check your boiler pressure

When your boiler pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar, your boiler is working efficiently and correctly. If the pressure gauge reads below 1, it is a good idea to top it up using the instructions given in your manufacturers' guide. If the pressure regularly dips, you should consider calling out a gas engineer, a there is likely to be a deeper problem somewhere with your boiler.

Service your boiler

Ideally, you should service your boiler before the winter months, so you can rectify any issues that may have occurred through months of inactivity. A boiler service is the perfect way to spot any problems while they are still small before they become more serious. A serious problem is much harder and more expensive to repair- so a service saves you money in the long run!

Bleed your radiators

If there are any cold spots on your radiators, it is important to bleed them to remove the trapped air. This is the simplest way to help your home heat up faster and more evenly, which can make a big difference. To bleed your radiators, all you need is a radiator key that can be found in any DIY shop.

Need a boiler repair in Great Barr?

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