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How to Improve the Efficiency of My Boiler

When it comes to boilers, they can be pricey appliances to run- especially in the winter months. As the cold weather comes closer, it is important you know how to maximise the efficiency of your boiler, in order to keep running costs as low as possible. To make this easier, follow our top tips!

1. Install an economiser

When you install an economiser, hot flue gas that would otherwise be wasted is now used to heat feedwater on its way to your boiler. If you have a steam boiler, this should be your first priority, as it reduces the amount of wasted energy by a considerable amount.

2. Insulate your valves

Insulating your valves is a great way to reduce the amount of heat escaping from your system. Even a cheap layer of insulation can make a big difference in the amount of energy loss, which can create some well-needed savings. It also still allows for easy maintenance, which is ideal in the winter.

3. Clean the fireside

Over time, soot can easily build up in your system, so it is important to remove it from time to time. Soot can act as a layer of insulation in your system- which is not ideal, as it lowers the heat transfer rate and causes your boiler to work harder than it needs to. Your components will be cleaned during regular boiler maintenance.

4. Clean the waterside

This is important, as it is another factor that can make your boiler work harder than necessary. If your boiler water is too hard or treated improperly, scale can begin to build up inside. This reduces heat transfer which, in turn, reduces the efficiency of your boiler. If left to build up, scale can cause serious issues long term. To prevent needing to splash out on pricey repairs in the future, it is important you keep up to date with the removal of scale from your system.

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